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Come and enjoy our wide selection of bubble tea drinks and learn more about why we strive to bring happiness in every cup!

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About Us

Hey there, we're Boba All Day, a cozy, family-owned business! Inspired by the bubbling enthusiasm for bubble tea across social media and the sheer joy it brings to folks, we felt compelled to dive into the boba business ourselves. It all started with a simple desire to spread smiles and happiness, one cup of boba at a time. As a tight-knit family, we pour our hearts into every aspect of our craft, from selecting the finest ingredients to perfecting our brewing techniques. Join us on this delightful journey as we share our passion for boba and bring you happiness in a cup!


The Art Of Boba Making

We enhance your bubble tea experience by providing high-quality ingredients to ensure you find happiness in every cup. We begin by boiling a fresh batch of tapioca pearls in the morning and continue throughout the day. Then, we prepare our ingredients, whether it's brewing the tea or measuring out the sugar. Our process ensures you receive the best quality every time!

  • Commitment to freshness
  • Rigorous quality control
  • High-quality sweeteners
  • Next level customer support

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  • Anh Nguyen

    5 star review

    New boba place off Eastern and Horizon Ridge opened less than 2 weeks. Best boba value $5/Large. grand opening deal is buy 2 and get one free. It’s mostly a buy and take with place. Only a couple of tables and chairs. Very nice owner so come check it out!

  • Chrishar Soto

    5 star review

    Got a lavender milk tea, Thai milk tea, and a chocolate milk tea a couple days ago at 50%, me and my coworkers all loved it! I’ll be stopping here before work every so often. The owner was very nice and friendly as well!

  • Ava Pruitt

    5 star review

    Boba was so good! Beautiful place, nice people. $5 for a Large and service was extremely fast! Not criticizing but also dont know if this was an accident, but they spelt Happiness as Hapiness ! Just pointing it out❤️

  • Abhinav HariShankar

    5 star review

    The owner was very kind.My parents usually dislike ice so he even didn’t add any.!😁Truly a must check out place

  • Bee

    5 star review

    Great service, friendly people & amazing drinks! I got a Taro & Honeydew shake, a matcha milk tea, & a watermelon slush! Perfect boba & flavors 🌟 Thank you!

  • XO_ BLANK_

    5 star review

    I went in there and was greeted with a smile, a good amount of wait time, but the Boba is worth it, I wasn't complaining about the wait time :) it was a good amount for the size of my order. Kid-friendliness: I bought the Boba for my little siblings and they loved it.

  • Andrew Rivera

    5 star review

    Nice family owned boba shop, I got a large milk tea boba for around $5. The owner is so nice, I highly recommend checking it out!

  • Dulce S.

    5 star review

    Location is so nice and quiet, love it. Came in with my little one got her a strawberry shake got myself a taro tea and since they have a special for the tea I but one and got one free for myself 2 large. one for my husband Thai tea Staff was very friendly thank you !

  • Evan S.

    5 star review

    This is overall the best place in Henderson and have never let me and my friends down and always left this place with a smile. I suggest the taro tea.